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    You are having friends over for dinner this evening and you decide to cook them steaks. You think to yourself, "How difficult can it be? After all it's just a matter of cooking a piece of beef on the hot plate then serving it with some mashed potatoes and salad".


    You head down to the nearby supermarket and try to buy yourself some beef. You end up staring at the selection of beef cuts on the display shelf and not knowing which cut to pick. Eventually you settle for several pieces of 'Round Steaks' because they look nice, lean, pink and fresh.


    You take them home and start preparing your steaks and marinading them. You then enthusiastically start cooking your steaks when your dinner guests arrive and hoping to get them perfectly pink in the middle. All your lovely guests got all excited when the steaks were served and was looking forward to feast on that tender and juicy piece of meat. Silence fell around the table when everyone took their first bite. The moment of truth came and everyone felt dissappointed when the steak turned out tough and chewy.


    Why is it that sometimes your steak can end up tough and chewy when you have cooked it ‘medium’ whereas there are other times it is so tender and juicy even when it is ‘well-done’? How come certain steaks are more flavoursome than others? What are the secrets to making a great and satisfying steak?


    No Eyed Deer restaurant, reputed to serve one of the best steaks in Penang, has decided to share these untold secrets with you. The secrets to selecting, preparing, cooking and serving ‘The Perfect Steak’.


    Secrets About Beef

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